About Us

Our Story

While I was working to implement source segregation in my housing society, a company offered to put a 24 hours composter. This machine not only had all the disadvantages of 24 hour composters, but took the eyewash to next level and claimed that segregation at source is not required, and machine will be fed mixed waste and using Tromell  screening will give out compost and recyclable wastes separately. The company wanted this to be their showcase project and were ready to give heavy discount, which almost got the decision in their favor. At that time I put my foot down and challenged the decision and made sure that we do not take this backward step in waste management in the name of technology adaption.


Since I derailed the project, now the onus was given to me to find a solution and also the funding for it. I started studying various composting techniques and solutions, and found that the solutions available are made unnecessarily sophisticated and therefore expensive. This is where I realized that how big the problem of waste in our country is, and a low cost, environmental friendly solution and services are much required to create the balance.

That is when I left my corporate job after 11 years of service, and started this social enterprise, to come up with waste management solutions and services. For now waste is something that is closest to our heart (and home), but overall sustainable living is our long term focus.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of zero waste heroes who get their hands dirty and work hard at our compost plants/material recovery center. Each one of them had a reason/compulsion to migrate from their home town, but all of them are now contributing to keep our city clean, and they all are proud of it, and so are we! Thanks to the appreciation they get from visitors to our plants.

Rahul Khera


An IT engineer from Pune University, Moved to Gurgaon  in 2006 for job opportunities, worked with a technology company for 11 years, and then started Balancing Bits in 2017 to do something more meaningful. Brings a Service quality mindset of corporate, and a heart of an environmentalist and a social worker to work.

Satyam Mishra

Operations Manager

A graduate from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, which offers one of its kind 3 years graduation course in stream of Waste Management. Satyam brings in his academic knowledge and field experience to work along with tons of energy and positive attitude.


Our one man army at DLF Ridgewood estate, Successfully executed pilot for Ridgewood all alone, will now build a team of 4 under him for full operations.

Was called by a relative to Gurgaon for better opportunities, but was abandoned on arrival. Desperate for job, was taking up irregular  odd jobs on daily wages before joining us. Lives with his Wife here in Gurgaon, two kids stay in village and study there.


Handling the operations at HIPA - Haryana Institute of Public Administration. 


Our most experienced man! He is key for success of our first project at Uniworld Garden.

Had previous experience working in composting. But was doing odd jobs before joining us. With us he is able to put his skills and experience into play. Lives with Wife in Gurgaon, kids stay and study in village.



One of our smartest workers. Quick at work.


Handwork doesn't need the medium of language. Bangla bhashi Compact power house, works at Uniworld Garden compost plant.

Use to sell fish in his village, came looking for better opportunity to the city, and was all set to work as unorganized waste worker. Started working in our material recovery center, was later moved to composting operations.                                                                                           .


Age doesn't define you, attitude does. Our Old wine.