Uniworld Garden 1, Gurgaon

This is our first project, and it came out beautifully!! Uniworld Garden 1 is a 500 flats society which generates around 300 KG of organic kitchen waste daily.

Graffiti done by kids and artists over the bamboo walls of compost plant looks very catchy.

DLF Ridgewood Estate, Gurgaon

Ridewood estate was a different ball game, with 1000 odd flats in society we were taking up a project double the size of our previous project. So, we went into a pilot phase with 4 towers, and after completing the pilot successfully, a full capacity project was setup processing approx 450 KG/day

HIPA – Haryana Institute Of Public Administration, Gurgaon

Processing capacity upto 200KG/day of kitchen and horticulture waste. Strategically, this is a very important project to promote decentralized composting. HIPA hosts training and induction of ULB officers from all across Haryana. So this becomes a showcase project for all these ULB officers to see, learn & implement in their respective Cities/towns.

Processing capacity up to 1 ton/day of kitchen and horticulture waste. It is the largest capacity decentralized  compost plant setup by any society in the millennium city of Gurgaon, composting waste generated from around 1500 house holds