Lets create balance!

We are an upcoming social enterprise who believes in maintaining the balance, and balance is not something you find, its something you create!!

So after 10+ years of corporate experience,  we come to you with a balance between corporate’s quality service mind-set and with believe-system of an environmentalist and a social worker.  We want to give back to the society and environment,  as much possible, while we make a living for our self.


SWM PaaS - Solid Waste Management & Processing as a Servics

Through SWM-PaaS model we are trying to solve Some of the social and environmental issues. SWM-PaaS model is designed, so that more and more societies can implement composting plants, and dispose their waste responsibly and reduce their carbon foot print. On the social side this model helps with skill enhancements and Improved working conditions of people from waste picker segment of the society who will be employed in our dry waste segregation units and composting plants.

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