Aerobic Composting

Composting is nature’s game, and we let nature come into play. Our low cost, natural composting setup reduces garbage, carbon footprints and most important thing “Guilt”!

When it comes to composting we just aid nature to do what it does the best. Our Aerobic composing methodology is designed to leave least carbon footprint, while maintaining the parameters of hygiene, space and aesthetics in an urban setup.

Horticulture solution

Horticulture Waste processing

Do you want your horticulture waste to be in better use of reducing the pollution rather than being dumped and burned? Well, we will soon be coming up with this service where a truck fitted with a shredder will come to your society, shred the leaves, twigs and branches for easy transportation. This shredded horticulture waste can then be used to mulch the open land patches in your society and city, or will be composted.


BioGas Solutions

Excellent Return on investment through Gas or Electricity usage